About Us

Our professional practice focuses on the specialty of obstetrics and gynecology. We provide the examination, diagnosis, and treatment of women’s health issues.

We take care of women’s health from adolescent through the child-bearing ages, to the menopausal stage of life. Our philosophy of care is holistic and emphasizes evidence-based medicine while at the same time highly compassionate. We strive to build a friendly, trusting partnership with our patient. This we believe is responsible for the excellent health outcome for our patients.

We are acutely aware of the challenges women face socially including their healthcare issues in adolescent, prior to pregnancy, during pregnancy and child bearing, after child rearing and during later changes of life. So, we pledge to be with you throughout the “thick and thin” of your healthcare challenges.

We accept most of the health insurance policies available in New Jersey. Moreover, because our physician believes that lack of insurance should not be a hindrance to quality health care, we offer a unique, affordable self-pay scheme.

So, contact us today via this web site, by email, telephone – (856) 765-3138 or simply stop by to speak with our friendly staff.